Who is Jesus Christ?

Note: This page is written for people that may believe in God, but doubt whether Christianity is the truth about Him. It is written for sincere inquirers, people of good will.

Who is Jesus Christ?

Some say He is the Son of God and that through His passion and death He paid the debt for our sins, making it possible for us to join Him in Heaven.

Some say He was just a man.

Can we find the answer by human reason alone?

No, we cannot!

Just as we cannot know an artist intimately just by looking at his paintings we cannot come to know Our Lord intimately just by looking at His creation. God must reveal Himself to us.

This doesn’t seem fair. Why doesn't God just reveal himself to everyone and let them decide if they will follow Him?

Christians believe that God wants people to seek Him. If a man sees a beautiful woman and wishes to know her better he will pursue her. He will come to her on her terms, in a way that is pleasing to her. If he desires her less, he will be less willing to court her as she wishes. The less willing he is to please her, the less chance he has of spending his life with her. God wants those who care enough to seek Him on His terms.

So how do we come to know Jesus Christ?

We must seriously consider the possibility that He is the Son of God.

Begin by attending church, the Catholic Church. (
Why should Christians belong to the Catholic Church?). Our Lord created His Church as His instrument for spreading His message. If Our Lord was really divine, His Church would survive. It would teach what He taught. He would be able to guide it. If His Church does not faithfully teach what Our Lord taught, then He only established a human institution.

Pray for God’s help. If faith is a gift from God, we should ask Him for it. Pray daily. Sincerely ask for His help.

Study. Read the Bible AND the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is a compilation of the teachings and decisions made by the Church as questions were raised since the time of Our Lord.

Bring your questions to a knowledgeable Catholic. This should be someone who is comfortable in affirming that he believes every single thing the Catholic Church teaches. If he is not comfortable saying this then there is more danger that he will give you a private version of the faith. It should be someone who is willing to work with you and help you get answers to your questions. I was fortunate in that I met a young priest who helped me with my questions. The people at Catholic Answers (
www.catholic.com) were also very helpful.

Turn away from sin. Serve God by serving others.

Why should someone do this?

All I can do is share my story with you and tell you what convinced me. You need to come up with your own answer.

When I first decided to seriously investigate Christianity I met with a priest, Father Tom. Father Tom told me that my biggest obstacle to accepting the faith was that I did not believe in miracles. He suggested that I look into some.

I did this. Most were too hard to confirm, but I did discover some interesting things.

I received a cassette tape of a talk given by Father Richard Welch, a priest who had encountered cases of demonic possession. I called up the priest and spoke with him about them. He mentioned two individuals he had confronted who appeared to have been possessed by demons when he was serving as a priest in Puerto Rico. These possessions involved clear physical manifestations—freezing temperature in a room without air conditioning in hot Puerto Rico; symbols on the body of one woman, made from her raised flesh, which vanished with prayer; and one woman’s sudden ability to speak several languages.

Father Welch is a man I respect. He has been arrested several times for defending the lives of the unborn, he’s very well educated, and he was selected as President of Human Life International. I left the conversation having to accept the existence of the supernatural.

Father Tom also gave me some information about the Shroud of Turin. The Shroud of Turin is a 14-foot linen cloth that contains the image of a man with wounds that match those of Our Lord’s. Many people believe it was wrapped around Our Lord’s body when it was placed in the tomb on Good Friday and that the image was miraculously placed on the cloth. I obtained scientific papers on the Internet and from journals on file at Georgia State. I thought they made a strong case, but I had several technical questions. I tried to contact the scientists who had written some of these papers, but I was unsuccessful. It was a dead end.

Father Tom then pointed me toward a book called the Voyage to Lourdes. Lourdes, France is the location where Our Blessed Mother spoke to St. Bernadette in 1858 and a spring of water appeared. Since that time, thousands of individuals have claimed miraculous cures from bathing in this spring. The book was written by a scientist, Dr. Alexis Carrel. Dr. Carrel is known as the father of organ transplants and won the Nobel Prize for Science. Dr. Carrel did not believe in God. He traveled to Lourdes in place of a colleague and observed the miraculous cure of a young woman who was hours away from death by tuberculosis. Three doctors, including Dr. Carrel, had diagnosed her condition. Before his eyes, her growths disappeared and she was restored to health. Dr. Carrel became Catholic.

A more recent Catholic convert, Dr. Scott Hahn, mentioned how he had gotten evidence that he needed after praying the Rosary and asking for Mary’s intercession. I had been praying for months, and during some of that time I had prayed the Rosary. I decided to do what he suggested. I asked for Mary’s intercession. I committed to pray the Rosary daily for three weeks. This is what happened during the 3 weeks of the Rosary.

While trying to find a copy of Dr. Carrel’s book on the Internet, I happened to discover that a conference was being held on the Shroud of Turin the next week in Richmond, Virginia. Scientists from around the world were going to be presenting papers there, AND the researchers I had wanted to see were among the presenters.

I went to the conference, spoke to the researchers, got my questions answered, and saw and heard a great deal of amazing information. I pestered the presenters on the breaks with potential problems I saw with their theories and conclusions.

Near the end I began reviewing my notes. There was no “reasonable” explanation for all of the evidence. I had questioned the scientists and was convinced of their competence and integrity. I had all of my technical questions answered.

Were these men deliberately manufacturing incredibly complex evidence to perpetuate a fraud? They had the credentials of serious scientists, and some seemed to have a sincere faith in Our Lord—a faith that would be inconsistent with participating in such a hoax.

Most of the data was buried so deep in the imaging process that only modern techniques could reveal it. There was only one reasonable explanation.

I had seen evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

On the way home I suddenly realized the significance of the location the conference was held--Mary, Mother of the Church, Abbey—a sign of Our Blessed Mother’s intercession in my search.

That was not the end. I returned home and told Father Tom that I believed. Since I had been baptized as a baby, I asked whether I could receive Confession. He said, “No.” You see, I had married, divorced and remarried. Unless the Church concluded that my first marriage was not valid in the eyes of God my wife and I were barred from the sacraments. Father Tom then said that we could receive the sacraments if Cyndi and I lived in chastity. That meant no sex. We had both just come to the faith in a big way and did not want to turn from God. So we agreed. We prayed to God that we be granted the annulment, but more importantly, that he strengthen us in this challenge.

Two wonderful things happened. First—we were granted the annulment in a short four months. Second—I have never been so pure in my adult life. During that time there was no temptation, no challenge. I had been given a strong sign of God’s grace in my life.

Chapter 4 of the book of Deuteronomy says that “you shall indeed find him when you search after him with your whole heart and your whole soul.”

Can you share with others how Our Lord has acted in your life? Can you give others strong reasons for why you believe?

If not, perhaps you have not yet searched for him with your whole heart and soul. He is waiting for you. Choose Him over the things of this world and He will reveal himself to you.

May God Bless you in your journey.


Bob Babecka

If you are interested in reading a short summary of some of the facts that convinced me the Shroud of Turin was genuine

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