Hello, my name is Bob Babecka.

Welcome to ymiCatholic.com. This Web page was created to help us share the faith with others. It is written to people of good will who may not be Catholic, Christians, or even believe in God.

We meet many people in the course of our daily activities. Some of these people might be open to learning more about the Church established by Jesus Christ almost 2000 years ago...if we only reached out to them.

We believe that if open-minded individuals examine the case for the Catholic Church and its teachings they will see it makes sense.

Please browse our Web site. If your heart is open to seriously considering what we have to say we would love to hear from you.

We pray that God will bless all who visit ymiCatholic.com and bring them closer to the Truth.

ymiCatholic.com was created by my wife Cyndi and me. Cyndi is the Web master. We live in Powder Springs, GA, with our five children and attend St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church in Dallas, GA.

We completed our journey into the Catholic Church on Easter 2000.

This Web site came about because Cyndi noted that one of her friends frequently wore shirts advertising her business. She suggested that we should replace our T-shirts with ones that point towards our faith.

I liked the idea, but wondered how T-shirts could encourage people to seriously consider the Catholic Church. That was a tall order for a T-shirt. Together we decided to make a Web site that offered brief answers to some key questions about God and the Catholic Church. Our T-shirts would point to the Web site.

Cyndi wanted a cartoonish look to the Web site and that made me suggest that we should have a cartoon character.

We talked with Randy Brown, a fellow-parishioner who works as a graphic artist. He developed the logo for the Web site and the cartoon hero (ymi guy).

The images used for making iron-on T-shirts will soon be available for others that may be interested in joining us in this project (
Stuff). Perhaps we will invest in having the shirts silk-screened in the future.

ymiCatholic.com is one way that we hope to respond to the mission given to the laity in the Second Vatican Council, Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity, Section 6;

The mission of the Church pertains to the salvation of men, which is to be achieved by belief in Christ and by His grace. There are innumerable opportunities open to the laity for the exercise of their apostolate of evangelization and sanctification. The very testimony of their Christian life and good works done in a supernatural spirit have the power to draw men to belief and to God...However, an apostolate of this kind does not consist only in the witness of one's way of life; a true apostle looks for opportunities to announce Christ by words addressed either to non-believers with a view to leading them to faith, or to the faithful with a view to instructing, strengthening, and encouraging them to a more fervent life. "For the charity of Christ impels us" (2 Cor. 5:14). The words of the Apostle should echo in all hearts, "Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel" (1 Cor. 9:16).(1)

We hope that our humble example will encourage other faithful Catholics to invent creative ways of reaching out to others with the faith.


Bob Babecka

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