How do I follow Jesus Christ?

Sacred Scripture can help show us the way. The following passages indicate some of what is expected of us if we desire know Him and have eternal life. You may want to read and reflect on these.

We must be baptized. (Mark 16:15-16, John 3:1-6, Peter 3:20-21)

We must keep the commandments. (Matthew 19:16-17, John 15:9-11)

We must love God. (Matthew 22:35-38)

We must care for others. (Matthew 22:39, Matthew 25:31-46, John 15:12-17)

We must receive Our Lord in Holy Communion. (John 6:52-58, Matthew 26:26-29, Mark 14:22-25)

Perhaps you have considered some of these passages before and even understood them to hold a different meaning. That’s understandable. There are over 34,000 different Christian denominations in the worlds today. Sadly, they disagree on some of the most basic tenets of Christianity.

How are people who seriously desire to give themselves to Christ to know where to turn? How are they supposed to know what is the Truth?

The answer is in the Church established by Our Lord,


Why should a Christian belong to the Catholic Church?

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